Attentive Feedback

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Be attentive

Only one click away

“You will get the required feedback every time you need it – you just have to ask for it”. 

That is the message in a feedback guarantee. The guarantee shows pupils and students that you are only one click away when they need you. Does it take a lot of work? No. Contact us and hear why not.


Give personal feedback

Without writing a word

Video feedback is attentive and personal. And it enables teachers to give fast feedback without writing a word. Press “Record”. That’s it.



Target feedback

Keep focus on the individual

Feedbackbox helps teachers target their feedback to every individual. The program learns what kind of feedback is most helpful for every individual user. The teachers are provided with access to this knowledge. The result is a very high rate of satisfaction.


Pupils and students

Attentive feedback

With a feedback guarantee, your teacher is never more than one click away.

Personal feedback

It is more personal when your teacher gives you video feedback. And it is easier to remember what he/she says.

Targeted feedback

Get feedback that suits your feedback needs. Not your teacher’s needs.


Attentive feedback

Be Attentive. That is exactly what you are when you provide an open invitation to ask for feedback when needed.

Personal feedback

Video feedback is personal and strengthens the relationship between you and your pupils/students.

Targeted feedback

Provide feedback targeted at the individual. We have developed an algorithm that helps you to reach the individual.


Attentive feedback

Make a decision for the entire organisation – and provide a feedback guarantee. It helps your teachers to be more attentive to students. We make it easy to implement your decision.

Personal feedback

Provide tools to give more personal feedback. This strengthens the relationship between pupils/students and teachers – and reduces the dropout rate.

Targeted feedback

Targeted feedback leads to a higher satisfaction rate. And might even be faster. We help you reduce the time spent on feedback.

About Feedbackbox

Feedbackbox is a web-based learner-centred tool that makes the feedback process 100% user-driven.

We are continually developing the tool in close cooperation with pupils/students and teachers so that we can realise current and future digitally based learning potential in a way that optimises attentiveness between users, providing an excellent user experience and accelerated learning.

Feedbackbox was founded in 2018 and, in 2020, was selected to participate in an ambitious EU-funded innovation track with researchers and a number of innovative learning institutions. Together, we will make future feedback even better!



Let’s find out if Feedbackbox can help your teachers and pupils/students to work closer together and create excellent feedback results.

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